Destination Budapest: The #EESSOW Agenda!

We can't think of a better platform for you to explore in-demand skills, discover the results of the latest technology trends, practice new topics, learn from award winning experts and grow into a SSC warrior!


At SSON we are always looking to capture the latest industry trends, we've got lots of expert insights and experiences to share, our speaker faculties are equal to none and - more than anything - we truly enjoy putting You ahead of the learning curve!

Already this year we have:

  • Met over 5000 Shared Services & Outsourcing experts like yourself; 
  • Produced 300+ original content pieces in over 5 different languages,
  • Visited Orlando, Berlin, Shanghai, Melbourne, Manchester, London...

...and we are now gearing up for the Eastern European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week this October in Budapest! Fill in the field below and read your 2017 agenda>>

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