10 - 12 September, 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

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Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Europe 2018 - The Autumn Edition

Taking place for the 2nd time this year, the Biannual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2018 is headed to the award-winning city of Vilnius! Be part of the movement and join Europe’s leading force in shared services and outsourcing at #SSOW Autumn this September, where you will d ...

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Interview with Gabriella Takács - Former BT SSC Lead

Gabriella Takács former SSC Lead at BT talks us through how to create a successful workforce in Shared Services, the importance of culture and employee engagement.

Exclusive Interview with David Gyõri - The LEGO Group

Dávid Gyõri from the LEGO Group gives us some insight on what the future holds for talent management, retention and millennials. Download your copy of this exclusive interview!

How to Lose Your Valuable Staff In Just Six Months

Follow these key talent management rules to ensure that you retain your staff in this competitive marketplace.

Where are YOU on the Shared Services Maturity Roadmap

Shared Services Maturity Index: where are you on the maturity roadmap? Pinpoint your current stage and identify where you are and what you should be planning for next, we have put together a maturity map, and suggested thinking points for each stage.

CEE Market Report: The Perfect Storm of Automation + Millennials = A New Delivery Paradigm

New technologies mean processes are flowing faster, better, and more effectively, shifting service delivery strategies firmly into the digital world. Do you know how are these technologies influencing the mobile-enabled Millennial generation in the Central and Eastern Europe Shared Services landscape? Find out more in this exclusive SSON report...

A New Generation is Making Waves in the Workplace - And They Are Redefining the Game Plan [Successfully, as it Happens]

SSON interviewed three Directors whose SSOs rank in the top 20 Most Admired Shared Service Centres globally (according to SSON Analytics) to ask them how they were recruiting new skill sets, what kind of training was most effective, and which strategies were most successful in retaining key talent. Read on...

6 Steps to Losing your Valuable Staff in Just Six Months [Infographic]

The competition for talent is nothing new in the Eastern european region, the rise of the Millennial generation, a focus on data-based capabilities, and talent looking for long-term career progression means that shared services has to up its game to stay ahead.For those that won’t heed the warning, here's how...

Talent + Artificial Intelligence is Powering Up Shared Services

The idea of a robotic “workforce” has lost some of its fear factor as we recognize the benefits of modern day RPA. But the key challenge is still to find the right internal talent. RPA is always business led, we were reminded, unlike most other technology implementations. So it's doubly...

The Millennial Secret: How to win them over by playing them at their own game

How to use "gamification" or game psychology to get your teams enthusiastic about learning. Companies like BP once faced a 23% attrition rate in its Budapest GBS centre. Today, that ratio is down to 9%...

RPAs Breakthrough Year: Theory Turns into Practice (and Wins)

How much and how far has RPA truly been integrated within business support services? Sony Pictures, Geoban, Linde and Diageo spill the beans…

Industry Insight: Herve Hachet, SSC Director at AmerSports Corporation

We sit down with the Shared Service Center Director at AmerSports Corporation to get his thoughts on SSCs, industry challenges, technologies and more...

Industry Insight: Philip Woodburn, VP Finance Global Shared Services and Operations, Schneider Electric

We chat to Philip Woodburn, VP Finance Global Shared Services and Operations at Schneider Electric, who predicts big changes for Shared Services Centres

SSOW Autumn - Event Information

SSON EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes Site Tours!

For the 4th year in a row, SSON Eastern Europe brings you its industry leading site tours. This shared services multi-function site tour day will give you the exclusive opportunity to engage and benchmark with your peers who are operating in Eastern Europe. Take this opportunity to gather innovative ideas,...

60 Seconds With...

60 Seconds with...Dariusz Bazeli

In this 60 seconds interview with Dariusz Bazeli, General Manager Geoban Poland, part of the Santander Group, EMBA - we discover how Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation has impacted Geoban's operations and more..

60 Seconds with...Andras Takacs & Alex Guinness

So, what’s really happening behind-the-scenes? How much and how far has RPA truly been integrated within DIAGEO's business support services? We asked Andras and Alex, their leading RPA candidates to spill the beans…

60 Seconds with...Martin Dewalsky, The Linde Group

In this 60 seconds interview Martin Dewalsky, Head of EMEA OTC at The Linde Global Services tell us the biggest challenge with regards to implementing RPA/intelligent automation and what he wishes RPA solutions could offer...

60 seconds with Michal Gryglowski, VP-Global Business Services, Sony Pictures

In this exclusive 60 seconds interview with Michal Gryglowski we find out some challenges Sony Pictures are currently facing with regards to implementing RPA 

Just Released

[Infographic] How Mature is Your Shared Services Centre?

Shared Service Centres (SSC) are an ever evolving beast. Ever changing their roles within organisation and subsequently it is important for an SSC to mature along the correct path for its intended use.Download your complimentary infographic now and benchmark your organisation for a look at where you stand within the...

The SSON Diversity Report

SSON recently hosted an online discussion on how shared services organisations are handling diversity. While the obvious reaction is to adopt a ‘women’ moniker and analyse workforce demographics and management representation on the basis of gender, the real issue at stake, as it emerged, is bigger than this.>> Download your...

Creating a GBS from scratch - Special Interview with Caroline Basyn, Global Business Services Officer, Mondelez

What are the 3 pillars to a successful Global Business Service and improving margins? What does an effective global operating model like Mondelez's look like? What are the 3 major talent characteristics you need to look out for when building a GBS?Get the answers in this exclusive video interview with Caroline...

Interview with OMV Petrom Global Solutions SRL

Interview on how OMV embark on a new journey to deliver a different promise to its stakeholders, which is innovation. Watch this exclusive interview for a look on how they accomplished this successfully. 

Shared Services in Europe 2018: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption & Customer Experience

SSON Analytics has surveyed leaders of European Shared Services Organisations to dive into the key find out more on the state of Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience in European Shared Services Organizations (SSOs)! In their partnership with the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Europe 2018 – The Autumn...

[Exclusive Case Study] Rediscovering the 'S' in SCC? Establishing ‘Service’ Excellence.

The combination of digitalization, robotisation and analytics has redefined the game plan with customer experience as the first fundamental part of the strategy.Guy Mercier of Solvay Business Services, was one speaker at the 18th Annual European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2018 event, who best summarized what drives ‘service’. Download this...

New Report: Evolution of Workforce and Technology in European Shared Services Centres 2018

Nearly 200 European shared services executives shared their strategies on the digital workforce, knowledge services, and new talent management priorities in this exclusive report, based on SSON’s 2018 market survey.Download your complimentary copy now >>

The First and Next Steps in Modern Shared Services

We talk to T.J. Wolfe, who shares his top tips for starting up a new shared service centre, which are focussing on added value and business partnerships...

[Infographic] - Europe’s leading force in Shared Services and Outsourcing

18 years of heritage - the longest running business services and outsourcing event series in Europe!

Blockchain is a Gamechanger: How Shared Services Can Lead The Initiative

Get fresh insight on how blockchain works, what the biggest challenges are, what you need to do to get ahead of change and how blockchain is proving itself a game changer for the way businesses transact activities.

On site activities!

See what there is to do while visiting Vilnius! Our great Media Partner, Go Vilnius, have provided an excellent series of activities for you to do in the beautiful city of Vilnius such as: Discovering the Old Town of Vilnius Visit to Trakai - the historical capital of the city. ...

Special Report - Future of Outsourcing

What is the future of successful outsourcing? Is it just cost cutting? Partners working for common goals? Can one tech vendor supply all of your organisations needs? What are the pros and cons or outsourcing AI? Find out in this exclusive report from Raconteur!