Hungarian Outsourcing Association (HOA)

Hungarian Outsourcing Association (HOA)

The Association's mission is to promote Hungary's economic development by supporting the business services sector, through spreading opportunities to increase efficiency offered by organizational innovation and in particular through taking up the concept of outsourcing.

HOA is an open, independent, professional organization. It's common organizing principle is to participate in service activities provided to the stakeholders of the economic and public sector. We act in the interest of the outsourcing sector and our Members.

To fulfill our mission, our goals are:

  • the continuous improvement of the sector's working environment, in particular legal-, human resources-, training-, economic- and fiscal environment;
  • to promote the potentials of the service industries and outsourcing to a wide range of the business sector;
  • to explore business opportunities in the service industries and outsourcing; - to become the professional and methodological workshops for the industry;
  • to contributing to the growth of Hungary's share in the international service industries If your business lies in business services or outsourcing, join us, be a HOA Member!

Contact Info:

Website: Hungarian Outsourcing Association (HOA)