Winshuttle is a leading provider of RPA solutions for SAP data management, offering the broadest vision for data governance and automation needed to fuel business transformations that keep Shared Service Centres competitive and their business processes compliant.

It’s tools and solutions reduce the burden of data-intensive, mission-critical processes in SAP by automating data collection, validation and movement across virtually any department, adding critical workflows that ensure operational tasks are completed faster and data accuracy is validated in real-time.

Business users are empowered by a no-code development experience that enables them to create and maintain SAP master and transactional data directly from familiar interfaces like Excel and web forms, without IT involvement and without compromising on security and control.

Winshuttle provides more than 2,000 customers in 66 countries with SAP data automation solutions that reduce costly data errors and accelerate daily operations, resulting in unprecedented productivity gains and tangible business value.

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